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Considering that the FAO has just declared the camelid the animal of the future because of its perfect adaptation to drought, considering that it now appears in many parts of the world where it was non-existent, can bring France closer to many people in the world, considering that we must now think the world of today with a brain of tomorrow :


 The French Camel Federation organizes the second edition of the International Camel and Camelid Show on 19 and 20 September 2020 at the historic and prestigious  in Greater Paris.


Don't miss the biggest 100% Camelid event in France and Europe! With its 16,000 visitors in 2019, the Show has become the reference in the sector. Bringing together French and international institutions and professionals, the Show brings together amateurs, professionals, sportsmen and camelid lovers.


The French camel federation groups together associations, societies and scientists working in the field of camelids in France.

The FFC is the reference and support operator serving the large camelid industry.

The service offers are deployed for the benefit of all publics concerned by the dromedary, the Bactrian camel and its use, which adapt to the expectations of the public and the evolution of society.

Internationally, the FFC provides support to economic players in the French camel industry to develop cooperation actions and institutional missions that promote closer ties between countries around the world. To carry out its missions, the federation acts to produce and transfer knowledge relating to the great camelids and their uses (sports, leisure, breeding, production of derived products, development of camel and camel racing).